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Browse the highest quality e-cigarettes and best vape kits in the UK. Find the latest and and greatest from pioneering brands such as Aspire, Vaporesso, Geekvape and UWELL as well as many more. Get started using our complete kits encompassing everything you'll need to get started. Are you a beginner looking to start you vaping journey? Browse our starter vape kits. Are you a more advanced vaper? No problems we've also got you covered with advanced kits. No matter what your level, you will find the ideal device to suit your needs and style of vaping.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Vape Kits

Which vape kit should I buy?

Deciding which vape kit to buy can at times be daunting; especially for a beginner. The first thing to understand is the reason there are so many kits is because there is no one size fits all. Depending on what you are trying to achieve will define which vape kit is best to buy. When selecting the first vape kit, a beginner vape is likely looking for a device which is able to give a similar sensation to smoking, as well as being easy to setup and use. In our experience when starting out a mouth to lung device which closely simulates smoking a cigarette is the way to go. These kinds of vape kits are simple to setup, turn on and use. The Innokin T18E starter kit is an ideal vape kit for someone which is trying to stop smoking. It is competitively priced, easy to fill and has a super smooth vaping sensation.

This is not the end of the story however. Many vaper's like what we call a "throat hit" and a smooth vape may not be ideal. If a you were looking for a starter vape kit which gives you that 'hit' on the back of your throat then we we would recommend the T20S prism vape kit as a good place to start. Again, it is a perfect vape kit for a beginner due to it's ease of use but gives a much stronger throat hit which as said can be preferable to certain people.

Which vape kit is best?

It is impossible to say which vape kit is best because each vapers needs are different. Some vapers want to something discreet and easy to use whereas another vaper needs something more robust to stand up to the rigours of thier job. A better question to ask is 'what do I need from a vape kit?'

If you are looking for a vape kit which is going to give you a quick nicotine hit when you need it, with minimal amounts of configuration, then a kit such as the fantastic Uwell Caliburn vape kit would be ideall. If you are looking
for flavour and bigger clouds then the Crown 4 vape kit would be more suitable.

It really does depend on the your individual needs. Fortunately here at Temple Of Vape we have a great range of devices to suit all needs available for delivery.

What is the best vape kit to quit smoking?

When crossing over to vaping after smoking it is recommended initially to choose a vape kit which simulates smoking as closely as possible. By doing this it can make the transition from a smoker to a vaper more natural. To understand what vape kits are best to buy to quit smoking it's best to understand how people actually inhale a cigarette. This may sound odd but if you have smoked for a period of time the it is easy to forget that smoking is actually a two step process. Typically, the smoke is inhaled into the mouth and once the amount of smoke is drawn in, a second breath is taken to draw the smoke into the lungs. Therefore in vaping this process is called mouth to lung. It is widely accepted that mouth to lung devices typically have a much greater success rate at putting down the cigarettes for good.

Another barrier for people can be the device itself. Is it easy to fill or change the coil? How hard is it to charge? These sorts of questions are very common amongst new vapers looking to start out on the journey of becoming smoke free. With that in mind we recommend vape kits which are as simplistic in their design and usage for those looking for the best vape kit to help them quit smoking. A great starting place would be the Innokin T20 Prism S starter kit. The device setup is a breeze, gives a solid throat hit and has a fantastic battery life.

For a more premium vaping experience which you can tailor to your specific requirements the excellent Nautilus GT vape kit is a very popular choice. It has a brilliant fit in the hand ergonomic design as well as taking the brilliant nautilus coils allowing for total flexibility in the vaping experience.

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