The tank is the hub of a vape. It is here that everything comes together. Not only does it house the e-liquid and coil, the tank is responsible for feeding the juice to the coil at the correct speed and with the right amount of airflow to produce the perfect vape for the user. There are two main styles of tanks, mouth to lung (this provides a stronger more intense hit of nicotine similar to the way a cigarette works) and direct lung (a smoother and lighter nicotine hit).

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Frequently Asked Questions About Tanks

What is a Sub-Ohm tank?

A sub-ohm tank (also known as a Direct Lung tank) generally comes with a box mod, or a mod with the ability to run at a higher wattage. They have larger drip tips, meaning that to use the device properly, your mouth needs to open wider. Sub Ohm tanks provide you with vast amounts of vapour and lots of flavour from the liquid you’re using. This type of vaping is designed to bypass your mouth and be taken straight back into the lungs as you’re inhaling. The difference between MTL (Mouth to Lung) and Sub Ohm is that with a Mouth to Lung device, you take the vapour into your mouth first, THEN take it back into your lungs before exhaling.

What is a Mouth to Lung tank?

A Mouth to Lung (MTL) tank differs from a sub-ohm tank in the fact that the ohm is generally always above 1. MTL tanks have much smaller drip tips than sub-ohm devices as they are intended to replicate the feel of smoking and to make it as authentic as possible to the real thing. They produce less vapour than a sub-ohm device, however the main focus of MTL devices is to help smokers stop smoking and to keep them off of cigarettes.

Which vape tank is the best?

It’s difficult to pinpoint which tank is best, as different customers have different requirements. Some customers want a tank that can work at high wattages and produce huge clouds; some customers want a tank that replicates the feel of smoking a cigarette whilst maintaining a discreet look.

What is a disposable vape tank?

A disposable tank is pretty self-explanatory – Instead of changing the coil when you start to taste burning, you simply throw the tank away and replace it with another. The Innokin GO is a hugely popular MTL device that utilises disposable tanks. No mess, no fuss – Just throw it away once the lifespan has depleted.

Which tanks provides the best flavour?

All of the tanks and coils we stock are made to give you the best flavour possible, but again, it would be difficult for us to pinpoint which one is best because different customers have varying opinions. As MTL and Sub-Ohm devices give you different vaping experiences, you should try and find a device that works best for you, alongside finding the right coil and the right liquid.

What tanks are leak-proof?

All of our tanks are leak proof. Some of our tanks are completely sealed meaning there are no spillages. Our sub-ohm tanks come with rubber O rings, making sure the seal is tight the whole way around. If your tank is leaking, it may be because the liquid you are using is wrong for the device that you have.

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